Air Solar Heating
SOLHOTAIR technology enables efficient heat generation by converting solar energy into thermal energy by means of solar collectors ENERGY Learn More
Highest efficiency
on the market
SOLHOTAIR collectors achieve an efficiency of 83%, i.e. 20% more than the best solutions presently on the market. This means significant savings in heating energy costs efficiency Learn More
Ecological Source
of Energy
Using SOLHOTAIR collectors contributes to reducting of fossil fuel consumption, as well as to environmental protection and climate change mitigation Ecology Learn More
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Our technology

Efficient heat generation


SOLHOTAIR technology enables efficient heat generation by converting solar energy into heat energy.

In winter and during the transitional periods in spring and autumn, SOLHOTAIR collectors heat the interior of utility rooms as a complementary heat source. They supply fresh, warm, filtered air into buildings.

SOLHOTAIR solar collectors can be used in residential homes, factory and warehouse buildings, sports halls, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels and agricultural facilities.

In addition to the heating function, SOLHOTAIR collectors fulfil the ventilation function by exchanging air from inside the building with fresh, filtered air from outside at any time of day or night.

The collectors can be installed on walls and roofs of buildings or as an element of autonomous solar dryers for drying biomass, cereals, fruits, herbs, coffee, wood, especially during summer and early autumn.

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Our technology

Solar heating collectors


SOLHOTAIR air collectors have the shape of panels – flat modular elements with dimensions of 2,0 m x 1,0 m.

The air, mechanically intake into the collector, is directed to air channels. The upper surface of the air channels is coated with a selective layer that absorbs solar radiation. The air temperature rises along the entire path of the air channels.

Thanks to the patented innovative technology SOLHOTAIR collectors achieve an efficiency of 83%, i.e. 20% more than the best solutions in the world, and are characterized by the highest temperature increase of heated air, i.e. up to 46°C, measured between the temperature of the air entering and leaving the collector. 

The collectors can be combined into heating blocks with appropriately selected heating power.

Dry, Ventilated and Warm Air

Lower Costs of Heating & Drying

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The solution for heating and drying

With groundbreaking efficiency, SOLHOTAIR collectors open for solar technology the heating and drying market segment.

Groundbreaking efficiency

SOLHOTAIR collectors achieve an efficiency of 83%
i.e. 830 W/m² per collector. The currently known competitive solutions on the market have an efficiency 20% lower, which translates into significantly lower utility parameters and limited applications.

Heat cost savings

The use of SOLHOTAIR collectors means savings in spending on heat energy of up to 30% - 40% per year on average, which in the case of industrial facilities translates into lower operating costs and increased competitiveness of the company.

Green source of energy

SOLHOTAIR collectors provide clean green energy. One 2,0 m² collector can generate approx. 2400 kWh of heat per year, which replaces approx. 220 m³ of gas or approx. 300 kg of coal. This reduces low emissions by more than 1700 kg CO² per year and is an effective instrument in the fight against smog and climate change.

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